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Landus Cooperative - Soybean Processing Facility (Ralston, IA)

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Project Description

Landus Cooperative is a large agricultural products handler and processor with facilities located throughout west central Iowa. Landus Cooperative produces SoyPlus soybean meal and oil products. The original Landus facility was built in 1991, with an expansion in 1997. Todd & Sargent helped Landus expand and modernize their operations, with slipform concrete construction and millwright services. 


  • Slipform Equipment Tower
    • Houses bean and meal scaling, bean cleaning and sizing equipment
  • Slipform Finished Meal Storage
  • Precast Concrete Process Building
    • Incorporates dryer, expellers and related material handling
    • Integrates fully computerized production control, material routing, inventory monitoring and report generating systems
  • Oil Screening, Filtration and Related Material Handling
  • Bulk Truck and Railroad Loadout System
    • For transporting both soymeal and oil
  • Office and Employee Facilities
  • Soybean Transfer System from Grain Storage
  • Slipformed Equipment Tower
    • Houses weighing, cleaning, and grinding equipment
  • Pre-Cast Dryer/Expeller Rooms and Pre-Engineered Metal Oil/Cakes Cooling Rooms
  • Slipformed Meal Storage Silo and Truck Loadout System
  • Millwright Installation of Expellers, Oil Screening, Cakes Cooling, Meal Sizing, and Material Handling Equipment

Project Notes

The 2015 expansion by Todd & Sargent helped Landus increase “Soy Center” production by 50%. Todd & Sargent was also responsible for managing the subcontract disciplines for Soy Oil Process Piping and Support Systems, including Steam, MCC, Controls and Electrical Installation.

Project Name:  Soybean Processing Facility

Client Name: 
Landus Cooperative
Specialty & Processing
Ralston, IA

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