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Parrish & Heimbecker, LTD - Inland Grain Terminal (Viking, Alberta)

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Project Description

Inland Grain Terminal

1. Contractor/Engineer: Todd & Sargent, Canada, Ltd.

2. Client Data: Parrish and Heimbecker, Limited is a private, family owned business, founded in 1909. It is involved in many aspects of agri-business including grain procurement and merchandising, milling, animal nutrition programs, poultry farming and food processing.

3. Summary of Project:

A. Slipformed Concrete Workhouse

• 600,000 bushels (16,325 tonne) of storage in 19 bins with 9 on 12 slick coat hoppers.

• Two bucket elevators, two transfer drags, and top double distributor, each rated at 22,500 BPH (600 MTPH) distribution.

• Rotary cleaner, indents, destoner, thresher, and reclaim equipment.

• 65,000 BPH elevator reclaim belt conveyor fed by proportioning gates.

B. Receiving & Shipping Systems:

• Truck Receiving rated at 22,500 BPH with 10’ x 110’ aspirated "dump- thru" truck scale incorporating a 6’ x 54’ dump grate.

• Loop track rail loadout rated at 65,000 BPH.

• 65,000 BPH Shipping Bulk Weigher with 100 tonne upper garner.

• Tie-ins from Steel Annex reclaim through 42,500 BPH (1150 MTPH) Shipping Leg.

• Railcar reclaim, truck loadout and inventory audit spout rated at 10,000 BPH.

C. Auxiliary Systems

• Facility and Cleaner Dust Systems with 4,000 CF dust loadout bin.

• Erect pre-engineered metal buildings for Receiving Control Office, Cleaning Enclosure, and Rail Loadout Booth.

• 650# capacity manlift with stops at grade, bulkweigher, and bin deck.

• Considerations for future Dryer System.

Project Name:  Inland Grain Terminal

Client Name: 
Parrish & Heimbecker LTD
Inland Grain Terminal
Viking, AB

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