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Pilgrim's (Ranger, GA)

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Project Description

1. Contractor/Engineer: Todd & Sargent, Inc., Ames, Iowa

2. Client Data: Pilgrim’s is the second-largest chicken producer in the world. Pilgrim’s has the capacity to process more than 34 million birds per week for a total of more than over 7 billion pounds of live chicken annually. With corporate headquarters in Greeley, Colorado, Pilgrim’s has operations in 12 U.S. states, as well as Mexico and Puerto Rico.

3. Summary of Project Features

A. Two Receiving Systems

• Rail receiving for corn rated at 60,000 BPH.

• Rail receiving for soybean meal rated at 560 TPH.

• Truck receiving rated at 15,000 CFH/300 TPH.

B. Ingredient Storage Bins

• 27 ingredient bins to mixer - 4,100 tons

• 1 exterior soybean meal silo - 4,200 tons

• 6 pellet mill surge bins - 900 tons

• 24 bulk loadout bins - 4,300 tons (dual driveways)

C. Whole Grain Storage: 900,000 bushel capacity.

D. Grinding Systems:

• 120 TPH fine grinding system.

• 60 TPH coarse grinding system.

E. Batching: 240 TPH

• One 12 ton twin shaft mixer.

• One 20 bin micro ingredient system.

• One 4 bin tote system.

F. Pelleting: 225 TPH

• Three pellet lines each providing 75 TPH.

• Three pellet mills, CPM 9042-122s, each with conditioner, horizontal

cooler and crumbler.

G. Support Systems

• Complete plant automation, electrical and mechanical installation.

Project Name:  20,000 TPW Poultry Feedmill

Client Name: 
Ranger, GA

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