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Seaboard Foods - Swine Feed Mill (Okeene, OK)

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Project Description

​Seaboard Foods is an integrated food company producing premium pork products for both domestic and international markets​. The feed manufactured for Seaboard Foods pigs is made by seven feed mills found across the U.S. Todd & Sargent has partnered with Seaboard Foods on the construction of multiple feed mills, including the Okeene, Oklahoma location. 


  • Receiving System
    • One truck receiving line rated at 5,000 BPH/150 TPH
  • Ingredient Storage Bins
    • 16 ingredient bins to mixer - 1,135 tons
    • Two pellet mill surge bins - 90 tons
    • 10 bulk loadout bins - 738 tons
  • Whole Grain Storage
    • 75,000 bushel capacity
    • Two 26' diameter by 107' high silos with steel cone hoppers
  • Grinding System
    • One 30 TPH line rated at 600 microns
  • Batching
    • 45 TPH capacity
    • One 3-ton hi-speed mixer
    • Two 18 bin micro ingredient system
  • Pelleting
    • 25 TPH capacity
    • One pellet mill with a 300 HP motor and counterflow cooler
    • Pelleting system located in a slipformed building attached to mill
  • Support Systems
    • Complete plant automation
    • Electrical installation
    • Mechanical installation

Project Notes

Feed mills play an important role in the pork production process. Once the grain gets to the feed mill, it is ground, mixed and/or pelleted. Pelleted feed is 5% more efficient for pig feed. ​Feed efficiency means fewer ingredients produce the same amount of pork. The feed mill makes 15 proprietary rations from grain, which have to pass strict quality standards. 

Project Name:  Swine Feed Mill

Client Name: 
Seaboard Foods Inc.
Okeene, OK

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